Projects Based on V-USB

This is an overview of projects based on V-USB by category. Click on the categories below to see the list of projects in the respective category or click on All Projects to see all on one page.

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Keyboards, Mice and Joysticks

This section lists all projects which implement a Human Interface Device directly recognized by the operating system or standard software. No specific host side driver is required.

Interfaces and Adapters

This section lists converters from USB to various other interfaces, such as RS232, DMX, IIC, Gameport and others.

Data Acquisition

This section lists projects for data acquisition such as temperature and humidity loggers.

Displays and LEDs

This section lists devices with optical effects such as LC displays or LEDs.

Boot Loaders and Programmers

This section lists projects related to programming the AVR itself, such as USB boot loaders and In System Programmers.

Controlling Other Devices Such As Motors

This section lists devices which control relays, motors or initiate actions in any other way.

Miscellaneous Projects

This section lists everything which does not fit elsewhere.

All Projects Based on V-USB

This is the complete listing of all projects in all categories in chronological order.