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Appendix G: Table of Contents

[1] Overview and Reader's Guide
[1.1] If you want to know what Sharity is good for
[1.2] If you want to plan your Installation
[1.3] If you don't understand all Terms used in the Program
[1.4] Something does not work as expected
[1.5] If you are looking for new Features

[2] What is Sharity?
[2.1] Description of the Functionality
[2.2] Typical Applications

[3] Limitations
[3.1] Qualitative Limits
[3.2] Resource Limits
[3.3] Browse Server Incompatibilities
[3.4] rm -r Incompatibilities

[4] General Concepts
[4.1] Login to Servers
[4.2] Mounting Servers
[4.3] Accessing Files
[4.4] If the Server is in Share-Level Security Mode
[4.5] Browsing

[5] Installation
[5.1] Installation Types
[5.2] Running the Installation Script interactively
[5.3] Running the Installation Script in Batch Mode
[5.4] Compiling from the Sources
[5.5] Removing an installed Sharity

[6] The GUI (Graphic User Interface)
[6.1] Help and other Basics
[6.2] Login Panel
[6.3] Inspecting Sharity's internal Status
[6.4] Configuration

[7] Using Sharity from the Commandline
[7.1] Commandline Utilities

[8] Troubleshooting
[8.1] What to include in a Bug Report
[8.2] How to create a Debug Log
[8.3] How to recover from a Daemon Crash
[8.4] If the Performance is less than expected...
[8.5] If Browsing does not work
[8.6] If rm -r does not delete all files
[8.7] Managing concurrent access to files
[8.8] If you can't use the browser because...

[9] Advanced Topics
[9.1] Encrypted Data Transfer with SSL
[9.2] The Configuration File
[9.3] Sharity as a Framwork for Virtual Filesystems


[A] Error Messages
[A.1] Errors in Class DOS
[A.2] Errors in Class SRV
[A.3] Errors in Class HRD
[A.4] Errors in Class FRW
[A.5] Errors in Class LOC

[B] Glossary

[C] Release Notes
[C.1] Release Notes for Version 2.0
[C.2] Release Notes for Version 2.1
[C.3] Release Notes for Version 2.2
[C.4] Release Notes for Version 2.3
[C.5] Release Notes for Version 2.4
[C.6] Release Notes for Version 2.5
[C.7] Release Notes for Version 2.6
[C.8] Release Notes for Version 2.7
[C.9] Release Notes for Version 2.8
[C.10] Release Notes for Version 2.9

[D] Supported Platforms and Servers
[D.1] Supported Platforms
[D.2] Supported CIFS Servers

[E] License Agreement

[F] Credits

[G] Table of Contents

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