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LaunchBar + Take Control of LaunchBar

Free copy of “Take Control of LaunchBar” included!

For a limited time, LaunchBar now includes a free copy of Kirk McElhearn’s “Take Control of LaunchBar” eBook.

LaunchBar Single License + eBook $35.00 
LaunchBar Family License + eBook $59.00 

The Family License can be used to install LaunchBar on up to 5 computers within the same household. See the right column of this page for details.


LaunchBar Upgrade

To upgrade your existing LaunchBar 3 or LaunchBar 4 license.

LaunchBar - Single License Upgrade $14.00 
LaunchBar - Family License Upgrade $26.00 
Take Control of LaunchBar

“Take Control of LaunchBar”

Join Mac expert Kirk McElhearn and learn how to use LaunchBar to carry out nearly any Mac task more efficiently. To help you develop a mental map of all that LaunchBar can do, Kirk explains LaunchBar in the context of its five superpowers – key LaunchBar techniques that no Mac user should be without. Learn more…

Take Control of LaunchBar (eBook) $10.00 

Tax note to EU customers

For customers from the European Union, value added tax is added to all orders. Companies can purchase tax-free by providing their VAT registration number. For customers outside the EU, no VAT is added.

Single License

The single license permits either a single user to use the software on multiple computers or multiple users to use the software on a single computer. However, it does not allow multiple users to ever use the software on multiple computers, regardless of whether such use is concurrent.

Family License

The Family License allows to install and use the software on up to 5 computers at a time as long as those computers do belong to the same household and are used by persons who occupy that same household. This license does not extend to business or commercial users.