LaunchBar – 1000+ Features, 1 Interface
Version: 5.6.2
Released: Dec 20, 2013
Requires: 10.6.8+
Size: 5.9 MB
Trial Period: 30 days

Keep your hands on the keyboard


A single keyboard shortcut lets you access and control every aspect of your digital life. Whatever you want to accomplish on your Mac – with LaunchBar it’s only a few keystrokes away.

It’s a file manager, a web and desktop search tool, an app launcher, a clipboard manager, a jukebox, a calculator, an information browser … or quite simply a tremendous time saver!

Sophisticated actions via Send-To

Manipulating data has never been this efficient. With an item selected in LaunchBar, press Tab and a whole new world of endless possibilities emerges. Perform file operations, send email attachments, process text and much more. The Tab key will be your new best friend!

Send-to Example
Snippets Icon
Workflows Icon

Seamless Workflow integrationNew

LaunchBar provides tight integration with Automator workflows, allowing you to run them from within LaunchBar, optionally pass text or file arguments, and to send the results back to LaunchBar.

Workflow Example – Imagefile : Scale&Crop : Apply filter : Tweet

NewSnippets right at your fingertips

LaunchBar’s Snippets feature is a fast and easy way to work with frequently used pieces of small text. Instead of typing the same text again and again, just select a snippet in LaunchBar and hit Return. Optional placeholders allow you to include things like clipboard contents, the current date, and more.

Snippets Example
Snippets Icon
Clipboard Icon

Clipboard at a glance

LaunchBar’s Clipboard History preserves your most recent copy operations, allowing you to use them all over again.

Clipboard History Example

It is all about abbreviations

LaunchBar’s powerful, blazing fast adaptive abbreviation search technology allows you to find items just by typing short acronyms of their name.

Abbreviation Example
Abbreviations Icon
Snippets Icon

Web Searches made easy

Searching the web has never been easier. Choose your favorite web service, enter your query and see the result instantly in your web browser.

Web Search Example
Keyboard Shortcuts Icon

Keyboard Shortcuts

Invoke LaunchBar quickly with a system wide hotkey, or just by tapping a modifier key.

Calculator Icon


From simple numeric calculations up to complex scientific expressions – just type your calculations and press Return to get the result.

Browsing Icon


Navigate folders, contacts, bookmarks, recent items, libraries and much more using the arrow keys to reveal related information.

Quick Look Icon

Quick Look

Get a quick preview of your current selection by tapping the space bar.

Calendar Icon


Create events and reminders in your calendars in seconds.

ClipMerge Icon


Combine subsequent copy operations into a single clipboard object just by pressing ⌘C twice.

iTunes Icon


Browse your iTunes Library, find your favorite tunes and enjoy your most beloved music.

Bookmarks Icon


Get instant access to all of your web browser’s bookmarks, bookmark folders and history.

Instant Open Icon

Instant Open

Open items even more quickly. Hold down the last entered abbreviation character and the selected item opens immediately.

Instant Send Icon

Instant Send

The most efficient way to send files or text selections to LaunchBar, and then hand them over to applications, folders, email contacts, search templates, services and more.

File Operations Icon

File Operations

Manipulate your files efficiently from the keyboard. Move, rename, compress, assign color labels, create folders and much more.

Contacts Icon


Enjoy convenient access to your contacts to quickly create new email messages, retrieve phone numbers, postal addresses and other contact details.

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