Web Browsers

LaunchBar provides instant access to all of your web browser’s bookmarks, bookmark folders and history. For this purpose, LaunchBar is able to index your browser’s bookmarks and history data.

Web Bookmarks

LaunchBar can index the bookmarks of the following web browsers:

To add the bookmarks of a particular browser to your LaunchBar index, click the “New” button in the toolbar of the index window and choose the desired browser from the “Web Bookmarks” submenu.

Alternatively, select “Custom HTML Bookmarks File…” and specify an HTML file containing bookmark URLs (e.g. an HTML file that has been exported from “URL Manager Pro”).

Searching for bookmarks

When you enter an abbreviation to search for bookmarks, LaunchBar looks for items with a matching name (usually the title of the corresponding web page). Therefore it is recommended to provide meaningful and descriptive bookmark names, either by renaming the bookmarks directly in the web browser, or by assigning an alias name in LaunchBar.

If you wish to search for the hostname part of the URL as well (e.g. “www.apple.com” in case of http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/), turn on the “Allow searching for hostname” option.

Web History

LaunchBar can index the history of the following web browsers:

You can limit the number of history items that are added to LaunchBar’s index using the “Search Scope” options in the Options pane of the index window. For example, in most cases it’s not very useful to access the results of your recent web-searches (which are part of the history as well), therefore the “Include search result URLs” option is turned off by default.


Mozilla History indexing is based on the mork.pl script
Copyright © 2004 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>