Usually there’s no need at all to do any configuration in order to get started with LaunchBar. The program is designed to work out of the box, the built-in factory configuration should satisfy most of your needs.

How does it work?

LaunchBar maintains an index of items such as applications, documents, bookmarks, contacts, songs, etc. This index is built based on a set of indexing rules, describing where to search for these items and what to search. These rules are configured in LaunchBar’s index window.

Once the index has been built, you can quickly access all indexed items by entering an abbreviation of the searched item’s name in LaunchBar’s input window.

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The index window

The index window lets you perform all administrative tasks related to LaunchBar’s index. You can create and edit your indexing rules, perform manual or scheduled index updates, explore the resulting index, rename or disable particular index items, etc.