Web Addresses

Entering Web Addresses

Choose Select > Open Location or press Command-L to enter arbitrary web addresses, or even simpler, just type the address. As soon as you enter a dot character, LaunchBar automatically switches to Open Location. You don’t have to enter the full address, LaunchBar automatically completes the address if necessary by inserting a scheme prefix or by appending “.com”.

Open Location
Entered String Resulting Address
.apple http://www.apple.com/
apple. http://apple.com/
w3.org http://w3.org/
ftp.apple ftp://ftp.apple.com/
A different default top level domain (instead of “.com”) can be specified in LaunchBar’s General preferences. There you can also define the desired behavior when a dot character is entered.

Pasting Web Addresses

Instead of typing the address you can also copy/paste an address that you’ve selected in some other application. This is especially useful in cases where you have e.g. a web address written in a text document, but the address is not clickable. Then you just have to copy the address to the clipboard, paste it in LaunchBar and press Return.

You can even paste text that contains a web address. LaunchBar will detect the address and extract it automatically. For example, try to copy and paste the following line onto LaunchBar:

…visit www.obdev.at for more information about…

Opening the entered Web Address

Press Return to open the entered address in your default web browser. Alternatively, press Tab to get a list of all available web browsers in order to open the address in a particular browser.

If you don’t want to open the entered address, but just select it in LaunchBar, press Command-Return.