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Installing and Removing Sharity 3
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Working with Sharity 3
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 - Authentication with Kerberos
 - Using the Keychain
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 - Login and Keychain Access from the Command Line
 - Mounting Shares from the Command Line
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Configuring a Windows PC to share Files
 - Configure the Network
 - Sharing a Directory
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Tips and Tricks
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 - Default Login for Domain
 - Set up a Default Account
 - Creating a Debug Log
 - Recovering from a Daemon Crash
 - Debugging Kerberos and AD
Unix Home Directories on SMB Shares
 - Overview
 - Sharity and DirectControl
 - Integrating Sharity with Other Software
 - Limitations
Release Notes
Software License

Release Notes

The following list is in reverse order: New entries are added at the top.

New in Version 3.3

Bugs Fixed:

  • Changing the modification date of a file did not work with some servers. Fixed.
  • Fixed various bugs in handling of Access Control Lists (ACLs).
  • Various improvements in browsing network resources in /CIFS/entire_network.
  • Kerberos module detects "Global Catalog" server more reliably now.
  • Fixed possible deadlock when unmounting stale mounts.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause incomplete directory listings.
  • An error during attribute fetch was not reported to the user. Wrong attributes were returned instead. Fixed.
  • Fixed Security-ID (SID) to group name translation in sharity acl get command. Some groups were not found in Active Directory.
  • Fixed bugs in emulated hard links: one memory leak and write protection status of newly created file.
  • Fixed race condition in Kerberos authentication. This bug could cause a hang at login.
  • On HP-UX 11, Sharity mounts vanished some time after an NFS mount or unmount was performed. Fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs which could cause a daemon crash.

New Features:

  • New implementation of automatic mounts in /CIFS. This new implementation is easier for the kernel to handle.
  • New implementation of Distributed File System (DFS): DFS redirections are now implemented as symbolic links into the automounting browser at /CIFS.
  • Inheritance flags in Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be edited now.
  • Various enhancements of the command line interface: More control over mounts and logins for root, new option to log out from all servers and shares with one command.
  • New "x-homes:" file system makes Windows domain integration much easier.
  • New files in /usr/local/sharity3/var/ for local configurations.
  • Experimental feature: Mapping of Windows ACLs to Unix attributes. See manual section "Unix Home Directories on SMB Shares".
  • New configuration file: var/idmap.cfg for SID to Unix UID/GID translation.
  • New configuration option "Report Write Errors". It allows a trade-off between data integrity and write performance.

New in Version 3.2

Bugs Fixed:

  • Improved performance of data read and write.
  • Option "-f" to sharity mount did not always work as documented. Fixed.
  • Share level security can now be used from the command line, too.
  • Mounting a share wich is a DFS redirection by itself is now possible. Previous versions allowed DFS redirections only for subdirectories of shares.
  • Fixed a bug where files shared for read (but not for write) could not be opened by Sharity.
  • Fixed a bug where a directory listing could abort with an internal error logged to the syslog.
  • Fixed a possible crash when unmounting shares.
  • Prefix /etc/mnttab entries with "localhost:" to disguise them as NFS mounts.
  • Fixed possible deadlock when network connection to server breaks.
  • Command line tool could hang in an endless loop when passwords were given non-interactively. Fixed.

New Features:

  • Subdirectories of a share can now be mounted, e.g. smb://server/share/dir, not just the top level share. Use this feature with caution! If you mount a share and a subdirectory of the same share, Sharity will treat them as separate entities, wasting memory for caches and causing possible synchronization problems.
  • The command line subcommand "sharity mount" accepts options "-U" (remote user) and "-D" (domain) now.

New in Version 3.1

Bugs Fixed:

  • Lookup of ".." in the root of a DFS share failed with I/O error. Fixed.
  • Fixed possible crash when browsing servers which are unreachable.
  • Improved reliability of /bin/pwd functionality.
  • Emulation of symbolic links did not work when hard links were also emulated. Fixed.
  • When a user login was cancelled, the user may have been listed with status "inactive". Failed logins are now removed from the list.
  • Works on Mac OS X 10.3 now.
  • Fixed possible daemon crash when stopping Sharity.

New Features:

  • Added configuration option to disable Extended Security. Disabling Extended Security may be necessary to connect to buggy servers.
  • Extended the shell command sharity license -v to also display the number of authenticated users. This makes it easier to debug problems with the license limits.
  • Ensure that all users have sufficient privileges to run "df -a" without errors.

New in Version 3.0

The following features have been added since Sharity 2:
  • Added NTLMSSP and Kerberos authentication (requires Kerberos module).
  • Added support for Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS).
  • Browsing of Active Directory (LDAP) resources (requires Kerberos module).
  • Manipulation of Access Control Lists (ACLs).
  • Improved automounter.
  • Multi-Language: English and German.
  • Extended trial mode: Limitation to 3 levels of directory hierarchy was dropped. Limit in number of mounts and users instead.

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