Spotlight Searches

LaunchBar’s Search in Spotlight command passes your search requests to the Spotlight window. In contrast to entering them directly in the Spotlight window, LaunchBar allows you enter the entire search string before starting the search. LaunchBar further provides a much simpler syntax to restrict the search results to items of a particular kind or date.

The search can be triggered by typing Command-Shift-F in LaunchBar or with a dedicated, system wide keyboard shortcut that can be configured in the Keyboard Shortcuts pane of LaunchBar Preferences (default is Command-Option-Control-Space).

Search in Spotlight

Smart preprocessing

No need to type clumsy search strings like “date:today kind:todo”. Just type “today todo”, “folder backup”, “url apple”, or “pref tcp” and LaunchBar automatically transforms these search requests into the correct Spotlight syntax.

LaunchBar also recognizes alternative kind specifiers such as picture, url, ical, … instead of image, bookmark, event, … so entering “picture flower” or “ical today” will deliver proper search results.

If you want to search literally instead, just enclose the search string with single quotes.

Search in Spotlight Literally


Input Result
rose rose
image rose kind:image rose
todo kind:todo
"todo" todo
today todo date:today kind:todo
todo next week kind:todo date:next week
folder backup kind:folder backup
url apple kind:bookmark apple
pref tcp kind:preferences tcp
ical tomorrow kind:event date:tomorrow
mail meeting kind:email meeting