Recent Items

Items accessed recently via LaunchBar

LaunchBar maintains a list of all items that have been accessed recently via LaunchBar. The list is sorted by the order of activation, so the most recently accessed items are at the top of the list.

To open this list, choose Select > Show Recent Items or press Command-B.

Alternatively, when you’ve opened LaunchBar with Command-Space, keep the Command key pressed and press the Down Arrow key. In contrast to Command-B this method opens the selected item automatically as soon as you release the Command key. To prevent this automatic activation, tap a further modifier key (e.g. the Option key) before releasing the Command key.

Using a scroll wheel mouse

If you are using a scroll wheel mouse, the list of recent items can be accessed even more conveniently. Press Command-Space, keep the Command key pressed, scroll the wheel downwards and release the Command key as soon as the desired item is selected.

Accessing an application’s recent documents

You can quickly access the recent documents of a selected application via browsing. Just press the space bar or the right arrow key to get a list of the application’s recently opened documents.

Recent documents access only works with Cocoa applications (TextEdit, Preview, QuickTime Player, GarageBand, etc.) but not with Carbon applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, etc.).