LaunchBar Help

Press ⌘-Space to activate LaunchBar

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Enter an abbreviation

For example, type GB to select GarageBand.

Enter Abbreviation
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Press ↩ to open the selected item

Or click the item to get a menu with other actions like Copy, Show in Finder, etc.

Action Menu
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Press ⇥ to send the selected item

Lets you specify a target item - e.g. an action, an application, a contact, a search template, a folder, etc.

Send to application Send file to action Send to contact Move to folder Send folder to action Send text to search template
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Press → to navigate

A right pointing triangle indicates that you can navigate to access sub-items like folder contents, an application’s recent documents, the songs in an album, etc.

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Press Space to enter text

If the selected item requires some additional text input (like the search term for a web-search), press Space and start typing.

Enter Text
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Press and hold ⌘-Space for “Instant Send”

Sends text or files selected in other applications to LaunchBar.

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