V-USB Interfaces and Adapters

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This page lists projects implemented with V-USB. Please remember: We also want to list your project! If you don’t have a web site to publish it, you can host it in our Wiki.

uDMX - a DMX Interface

uDMX is a USB bus powered DMX interface. DMX (Digital MultipleX) is a bus for controlling stage lighting and special effects devices. This particular implementation comes with a Unix command line tool and plugin module for the Max/MSP software.

Author: [ a n y m a ] - Max & Michael Egger
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AVR-CDC - a USB to Serial Converter

This ingenious project implements the USB Communication Device Class, making use of the operating system’s driver for the device class. No separate driver is needed on the host! Although it goes somewhat beyond the USB specification, it works on all major operating systems.

Author: Osamu Tamura
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SNES/NES Gamepad and Atari Joystick to USB Adapter

NES and SNES are gaming consoles. When playing NES and SNES games with an emulator, nothing is better than using the original gamepads. This project converts the NES/SNES interface to USB, emulating a USB joystick. A project update from December 2006 brought support for Atari joysticks. See the project’s News section for a link. An illustrated guide for building a controller for 4 SNES/NES gamepads can be found here and here. There are also instructions for building the adapter without a PCB.

Author: Raphaël Assénat
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PPM RC to USB Interface

This project is a USB joystick controlled by a PPM radio remote control transmitter. There are a lot of such projects around based on different MCUs and USB drivers. But this one is Open Source. It provides very accurate PPM handling and a number of filtering options. Home constructors will like the optional servo tester mode and ADC interface instead of PPM for self-made control boxes.

Author: Oleg Semyonov
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C64 Keyboard

This project implements a full-blown USB keyboard based on the keyboard matrix of a Commodore 64. The fun in this is that you can put a state of the art miniature PC into a C64 breadbox. Technically, it demonstrates how a real USB keyboard can be implemented with V-USB.

Author: Mikkel Holm Olsen
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This project is a tiny low-cost I2C bus adapter. It is meant to replace bit-banging adapters for the parallel port. Advantages are built-in power supply, less CPU load and a very low number of components. The image shows an example application with a DS1621 temperature sensor.

Author: Till Harbaum
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This device controls a servo over USB. Potential applications are only limited by your imagination. The image shows a mouse pointer finder, similar to the classic x-eyes application on X-Windows.

Author: Ronald Schaten
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For many people, Microsoft’s Sidewinder 3D Pro is the only joystick they ever want to use. Unfortunately, most modern computers don’t have a Game Port which is required to connect this joystick. 3DP-Vert allows you to connect the Sidewinder 3D Pro via USB.

Author: Grendel
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USB-Servo 2

A second USB servo controller. This one extends Ronald Schaten’s USB-Servo to 6 servos with a separate supply. It was designed to control the servos of a robot.

Author: Duncan Law
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This project is primarily for Russian speaking users. It’s similar to the SNES/NES gamepad to USB adapter above, but connects to the following consoles: Dendy (Russian NES), SEGA Mega Drive-II, PlayStation and PlayStation-2. You can use these gamepads with game console emulators and computer games.

Author: Sergey Ryumik
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C64 floppies can only be read by Commodore floppy drives. Unfortunately, these drives cannot be directly connected to modern PCs. This project is an adapter which connects the VC 1541 floppy drive via USB.

Author: Till Harbaum and Spiro R. Trikaliotis
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N64/Gamecube Adapter

This is another variation of the NES and SNES gaming console adapter. This one turns a Nintendo 64 or a Gamecube controller into a USB joystick.

Author: Raphaël Assénat
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USB2LPT - USB to Parallel Port Converter

This USB to Parallel Port converter is not only of practical use, it also demonstrates how the low power sleep mode demanded by the USB specification can be implemented with V-USB.

Author: Henrik Haftmann
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SNES Joypad

This is another implementation of Raphaël Assénat’s idea of an SNES to USB adaptor. This one is smaller in size (eight pin AVR) and uses less components. The description is available in German only.

Author: Christof Rueß
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unzap - Universal IR Receiver and Transmitter

This IR Receiver and Transmitter with 2 MB of flash memory for IR code storage has numerous applications, some of them are a bit subversive...

Author: Alexander Neumann
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AVR-MIDI - a Class Compliant MIDI Device

This MIDI controller uses the same tricks as AVR-CDC to implement a MIDI class compliant USB device. It does not require special host side drivers, but since it goes beyond the specification for low speed devices, it may not work on some hosts.

Author: Martin Homuth-Rosemann
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Ginger is a physical computing platform similar to Gainer (which is based on a PSoC chip). You can read digital and analog inputs and set output data, all over USB. Ginger’s web site is currently in Japanese only, but Readme file in the project is in English.

Author: Yoshitaka Kuwata
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Pepper-MIDI - Control SX-150 Synth via MIDI

Who said that analog synths have no MIDI interface? This project adds MIDI to the Gakken SX-150 synthesizer.

Author: Morecat Lab
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FunkUSB - DCF77 Receiver with USB

This project is a radio clock receiver (DCF77) which connects to the host computer via USB. The DCF77 signal can be received in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Author: Henrik Haftmann
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PS2USB - Sony PlayStation Adapter

No, this is not a converter for PS2 keyboards or mice. This project converts Sony PlayStation 1 or 2 controllers into a USB joystick.

Author: Primož Kranjec
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USB-TWI - a Two Wire Interface

This Two Wire Interface comes with two application examples: A stepper motor controller and a data logger.

Author: Claudio Montecucco
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]

USB Radio Clock

This is a compact DCF77 radio clock receiver with USB interface. It features an internal real time clock as second time source. This is a commercial product, available as construction set or completely assembled device.

Author: Reusch Elektronik

USBLotIO - Lots of I/O Pins

This is a very simple and easily expandable I/O adapter. It uses shift registers for a virtually unlimited amount of I/O lines. Description is in German only.

Author: Christof Rueß
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USB DCF77 Receiver

DCF77 is a long wave transmitter in Germany which sends a precise time signal. It can be received in most of Central Europe. This receiver synchronizes your computer’s clock to the DCF77 signal.

Author: Jürgen Beisert
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This adapter allows the PS3 to use the NeGcon controller. Those who know the NeGcon will appreciate this project. Others don’t need to...

Author: Mo Evans
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SCANALOGIC-2 - Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator

Although this Logic Analyzer is a commercial project, the entry level cost (for a kit) is exceptionally low.

Author: Ibrahim Kamal

MOCO/MICO - USB to MIDI Converter

A simple and tiny USB to MIDI converter. It's so small that it fits into the MIDI connector!

Author: Yoshitaka Kuwata
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PPM2USB - RC Remote Control as Joystick

This device converts the PPM signal of a radio remote control transmitter to USB joystick controls so that you can fly your simulator with the real remote control. It's very similar to Oleg Semyonov's version, but requires less exotic prerequisites.

Author: Thomas Pfeifer
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Retro Adapter

This is yet another adapter for retro-style gamepads. It supports NES, SNES, SEGA Master System, SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis 3-button controller, SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis 6-button controller and Suncom TAC-2.

Author: Olof Holmgren
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]

Little Wire

This little gadget can be programmed to perform various tasks ranging from an AVR programmer, PWM/servo controller, ADC, I2C interface, SPI interface, UART interface to a 1-wire interface.

Author: Ihsan Kehribar
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USB IR Remote Receiver

A multi-protocol receiver for infrared remote controls.

Author: Portisch
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]


In the old days, when computers had parallel ports, it was easy to interface prototype hardware with a computer. This project offers an alternative: General purpose I/O pins controlled via USB.

Author: Tom Struzik
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]

USB NES Controller Adapter

Playing NES games on an emulator is half the fun if you don't have the original controller. This adapter converts the NES controller into a USB joystick.

Author: Victorien Villard
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]


This simple MIDI to USB converter is part of a bigger project, the lad-drum: an electronic drum kit based on AVRs.

Author: Adrian Gin
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]

tinyUSBboard - Arduino Compatible AVR Board

An Arduino compatible prototyping board, so simple that it can easily be built on breadboard! It is not only easy to build, but also cheap due to the tiny bill of materials.

Author: Stephan B.
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CVpal - USB for Analog Synthesizers

This DIY kit controls analog synthesizers via USB MIDI from your computer, iPad or iPhone. It offers two CV and two gate outputs.

Author: Olivier Gillet
Rating: not yet rated  [comments and votes]

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