V-USB Data Acquisition Projects

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This page lists projects implemented with V-USB. Please remember: We also want to list your project! If you don’t have a web site to publish it, you can host it in our Wiki.

RemoteSensor - Wireless Data Acquisition

This project is a wireless thermo- and hygrometer with up to 16 sensors and a central logging facility accessible via WWW. It’s a more advanced example intended to demonstrate how to use V-USB with an additional interrupt endpoint.

Author: Objective Development Software GmbH
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USBTenki - Environmental Data Acquisition

This is a multi channel data acquisition system for various types of sensors. It’s been developed to record temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Author: Raphaël Assénat
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EasyLogger - ATTiny45 Without Crystal

This project demonstrates how to take advantage of the internal RC oscillator of the ATTiny45 to get more free I/O pins. It’s a data logger which takes a voltage sample every second and sends it to the PC, emulating a USB keyboard where the value is typed.

Author: Objective Development Software GmbH
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gnusb - a Platform for Controllers and Sensors

Gnusb is a platform for building USB controllers - like mixers, foot pedals and the like - primarily for use with Max/MSP or pure-data.

Author: [ a n y m a ] - Max & Michael Egger
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RemoteSensor 2 - Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

An improved version of Objective Development’s RemoteSensor reference project. Since it is based on Sensirion’s SHT11 sensor chip, no calibration is required and the transmitter is much simpler and smaller.

Author: Christian Mock
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xxxxx-HID provides a well documented USB sensor input solution, aimed primarily at artists working with audio and video and using free software such as Pure Data or SuperCollider. Six analog inputs (10 bits resolution) and four digital or pushbutton inputs are provided on a simple to etch and assemble board.

Author: Martin Howse
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Temperature Probe

This is a simple USB thermometer for data logging. The host side software is written in Ruby, demonstrating how to use USB devices in Ruby.

Author: Dan Stahlke
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A simple temperature logger based on the DS18S20 chip.

Author: Mathias Dalheimer
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AVR Stick - a Simple Data Logger

This is an improved version of EasyLogger which is also available as pre-assembled unit.

Author: SparkFun Electronics
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USB Scope - cheapest dual trace scope in the galaxy

It has not the sample rate of a real digital storage scope, but it’s great for low speed signals.

Author: Yves Lebrac
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This is an extension of Raphaël Assénat’s USBTenki to 16 independent temperature sensors.

Author: Mario Theodoridis
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CCD Spectrometer

This is a low cost, but high quality optical spectrometer. It can be used to measure the spectral distribution of light sources such as LEDs, or for physical analytics to measure absorption spectra.

Author: Filip Dominec
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Stand Alone Temperature/Voltage Logger

Wnat to know how precise your fridge holds its temperature? Just drop this tiny device into it and read out the temperature curve any time later.

Author: Alex
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LC Meter

This is a computer controlled measurement instrument which can measure inductance and capacitance, frequency and voltage and it can also synthesize frequencies.

Author: Balogh Barnabás
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SHT11 - Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This circuit connects an SHT11 temperature and humidity sensor chip via USB. The firmware provides excessive HID self-description and implements proper power management.

Author: Henrik Haftmann
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