Little Snitch

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • I have lost my license key!

    Please visit the Little Snitch Support pages for further information how to retrieve your lost license key.

  • Is this a Little Snitch 2 or 3 license key?

    Little Snitch license keys can be distinguished by their first two characters. Little Snitch 3 license keys begin with 33… and Little Snitch 2 license keys with 32….

  • I have problems with my order!

    Please visit the for further information how to resolve order related issues.

  • Can I upgrade my Little Snitch 2 license key?

    If you bought Little Snitch 2 after May 1, 2012 you are eligible for a free upgrade. All other Little Snitch 2 license owners qualify for a price-reduced upgrade.

Technical Questions

  • Can I preserve my rules when upgrading from Little Snitch 2 to 3?

    Yes. The upgrade procedure automatically converts your Little Snitch 2 rules. You can also import Little Snitch 2 or 3 rules from a backup using Little Snitch Configuration, menu item Rules / Import from Backup. Note that a complete uninstall may delete all your rules and settings!

  • I have installed Little Snitch 3. Can I revert to version 2?

    Yes. Simply download Little Snitch 2 and perform an “upgrade”. Your rules and settings will be restored to the status when you last used Little Snitch 2. If you perform a complete uninstall, your rules and settings will be lost.

  • How can I turn off Little Snitch temporarily?

    Open the Little Snitch Configuration application from your Applications folder, open Preferences > General and click the Stop button to turn off the Network Filter. Any outbound network traffic will then be allowed, such as if Little Snitch wasn’t installed at all.

  • How can I uninstall Little Snitch?

    Little Snitch 3

    Open the Little Snitch Uninstaller application and follow the instructions to remove Little Snitch. This uninstaller also removes all previous versions of Little Snitch. The Uninstaller can be found at /Library/Little Snitch/Little Snitch Uninstaller. If you don’t have the uninstaller available on your computer anymore, you can re-download it from our Download Page.

    Little Snitch 2

    Open the Little Snitch Installer application and click the Uninstall button. If you don’t have the Installer available on your computer anymore, you can re-download it from our Download Page.

    User specific settings

    Upgrades always preserve user specific rules and settings. The uninstaller bundled with Little Snitch 2 deletes all user specific rules and settings. The new uninstaller in Little Snitch 3 lets you choose whether to remove or preserve these rules and settings.

    /Library/Application Support/Objective Development/Little Snitch/

    ~/Library/Application Support/Little Snitch/

    The “~” tilde sign refers to your home folder.

  • Does Little Snitch handle incoming network connections?

    Little Snitch handles outgoing network connections on all network interfaces (AirPort, PPP, network cards, etc.). It intercepts and defers an application’s network access until you decide to allow or deny the request, or it handles the request automatically based on an already defined rule.

    Little Snitch 3 intercepts incoming connections as well. Incoming connections, rules, etc. can be recognized by the following icon Incoming Connection Icon

    Little Snitch 2 does not intercept incoming connections. They can be blocked with the built-in firewall of Mac OS X. This firewall can be configured in System Preferences > Security > Firewall (or in System Preferences > Sharing > Firewall on Max OS X 10.4).