“Frankly, we love the mouse and have never longed for a way to do everything from the keyboard. But for those who do, we’re happy to report that LaunchBar may be what they’ve been wishing for.”
“LaunchBar is a veritable Swiss Army knife utility with more productivity tools than you can shake a stick at.”
Vincent Danen, TechRepublic
“To be succinct, LaunchBar is perhaps the very best launcher application we have found … those who use it regularly will tell you it’s worth every penny … it is hard to find a more elegant and efficient solution to launching and switching between applications.”
Dan Moughamian,
“When I discovered LaunchBar, I was floored. Here was the utility I’d been waiting for. I paid for it five minutes after I downloaded. It was that good. The problem is that it’s one of those things you can’t explain very well - you have to use it to 'get' it.”
Dan Frakes, Mac OS X Power Tools
“I’m utterly addicted … I find myself typing Command-Space on just about any Mac I’m using. And when it doesn’t work because LaunchBar isn’t installed, I feel like an addict denied his fix … LaunchBar has worked its way into my neurons, and I’m all the more productive because of it. It’s absolutely worth a try.”
Adam C. Engst, TidBITS
“I’m not one to toss out superlatives very often, especially concerning software. Rare indeed is the program which does what it says so well that I can call it exceptional … To sum up, this application will never be leaving my Mac. I’m hooked. You need to try this out, and you probably will be too.”
Kirk McElhearn,
“I rarely use the Finder anymore - LaunchBar is so much faster and easier. I love it.”
Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle
“It’s completely natural for the power user, and in my opinion a must have.”
Jon Gales,
“Objective Development’s launcher is a marvel of simplicity and remarkable power.”
“It’s an excellent utility and the most innovative system enhancement I’ve seen since PopupFolder. I’m not happy using OS X without it.”
Michael Tsai, ATPM
“LaunchBar is a worthy addition to the growing number of OS X-only utilities genuinely making your life easier. For anyone who prefers to keep their hands on the keyboard, it’s an essential tool. For home users with the reduced rate, it’s definitely worth the money.”
“LaunchBar is really an incredible interface, and I’m already having trouble imagining doing work without it. It’s that cool.”


August 2012, LaunchBar 5
Be more productive with LaunchBar
Dan Frakes, Macworld

“In this week’s video, I show you some tips for using my favorite launcher, LaunchBar, to be more productive.”

May 2010, LaunchBar 5
LaunchBar 5.0.2
Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

“Once you start using it, I’d bet you’ll never want to give it up. I’ve been using LaunchBar for what seems like forever, and I simply couldn’t use a Mac without it.”

August 2009, LaunchBar 5
Take Control of
Exploring & Customizing Snow Leopard

Matt Neuburg

“I’m barely able to use a Mac that doesn’t have LaunchBar installed.”

May 2009, LaunchBar 5
LaunchBar 5 takes work out of searches
Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, The Houston Chronicle

“I suspect many (if not most) of you will buy it long before your trial period ends. It really is that good.”

August 2007, LaunchBar 4
Mac Gems: LaunchBar 4.3.2
Jason Snell, Macworld Magazine

“If I could have only one Mac utility … it would be Objective Development’s LaunchBar.”

December 2005, LaunchBar 4
Winner of the
Macworld 2005 Editors’ Choice Awards

Jason Snell, Macworld Magazine

“LaunchBar 4 - Utility puts Mac users in the fast lane … If you think Spotlight made such utilities obsolete, think again - the built-in search technology in OS X 10.4 is no match for LaunchBar when it comes to opening an application, a file whose name you already know, an Address Book contact, a Safari favorite, or even searching Google, the Internet Movie Database, or any other resource on the Web.”

December 2005, LaunchBar 4
Macworld - LaunchBar Revisited
Dan Frakes, Macworld

“LaunchBar is one of the rare pieces of software that is simple and non-intimidating when it comes to its most basic - and most useful - features, but can be as powerful as a "power user" wants it to be … I honestly struggle to use a Mac that doesn’t have LaunchBar installed.”

January 2002, LaunchBar 3.1
The Screen Savers
Leo Laporte,

“If you buy only one shareware application for your Mac this year, make it LaunchBar. I hardly use my Dock any more. LaunchBar is the fastest, easiest way to use OS X.”

December 2001, LaunchBar 3.1
Gold Winner of the
MacFixIt Toolbox Awards 2001

“An almost unbelievable utility … When we typed 'aw', AppleWorks was the first program to be listed. No other software would figure that out.”